April 23, 2014

Burt finds out about Kurt's tattoo and piercing.


LOL okay.


Burt called the next morning. Kurt barely slept the night before, because after the novelty wore off the swelling settled in. His tongue felt like a foreign object in his mouth, and the ball of the barbell scraped lightly against the roof of his mouth every time his jaw clenched tight as he slept. Even if he hadn’t been given caution about what he could eat he wouldn’t feel much like doing it anyway. He couldn’t even use a straw. He settled in to make an extra-liquidy smoothie with some extra protein powder just as the phone rang.

"Ulloh?" Kurt said, shocked and appalled by the sound of his own voice around his monstrous tongue. "Dah?"

"What’s going on, are you sick?" Burt said. "Or are you talking to me while you’re brushing your teeth again, Kurt, I told you last time—"

"No, no, not bwushing," Kurt said, rolling his eyes, because there was something he hadn’t yet considered—brushing his teeth. "No, not thick."

"Then what it is, you get one of those tongue piercings?" Burt said, before laughing like he did when he found something he said himself especially funny. Kurt stayed silent. "Come on kid, you’re supposed to be laughing with me here."

"I haf to go," Kurt said, hanging up the phone. He wasn’t sure why—it wasn’t like his dad could do anything to him. Or would even care. Kurt hoped he wouldn’t care. 

Kurt was attempting to slurp smoothie by spoonful minutes later when his phone began to buzz with text messages.

Blaine: Your dad called me.

Blaine: He asked me to tell him you hadn’t done something stupid like get a tongue piercing.

Blaine: I couldn’t tell him that because you HAD gotten a tongue piercing, so I asked if I could tell him something else instead.

Blaine: So he said, Well at least it’s removable. It’s not like he got a stupid misspelled tattoo or anything.


Blaine: I asked him about the game last night instead but there wasn’t a game last night Kurt

Blaine: I am the worst liar ever I am so sorry we will never be maniacal archvillains together

Kurt sighed, lowering his head to his hands. He was gonna have to call his dad back. 

Right after he ate fifteen ice cubes.

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Aww. That’s a cool idea! I appreciate that. Maybe we’ll run it up the flagpole… well, Ryan stepped out. That’s a song I wrote. I sang at the President’s Inauguration. Yeah, that’d be cool.

Darren Criss answers, "Can Klaine please sing ‘Not Alone’ at their wedding? It would literally make my life complete." [x] (via jenndesq)

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How often do Kurt and Blaine frequent that gay bar?

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Do we know if that was a gay bar? I mean. [Jane Lynch: “Oh, do we know if that was a gay bar?! Hahaha!”] It could’ve just been a regular bar. [Jane Lynch: “You obviously haven’t been to many gay bars.”] I know, I am not as experienced, I guess. [Jane Lynch: “That was a gay bar.”] I guess that was what it was like; what do I know? Um, so, I guess they must go all the time. I guess Blaine goes all the time, he was like, ‘I know just the place!’ I thought that was a funny cut, that he’s like, ‘Guys, I know just the place, it’s gonna be really nice.’ And then it goes [**explosion noises**] and it’s like the most debaucherous thing. That was funny.

Darren Criss answers, "How often do Kurt and Blaine frequent that gay bar?" [x] (via jenndesq)

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Darren getting distracted because /HrhChrisColfer/.

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You have the power, Blaine, embrace it.

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Episode:  5x17 – Opening Night
Length:  14:56
Air date:  April 22, 2014
Songs/Performances: Lovefool (partial), I’m The Greatest Star (partial), Pumpin’ Blood.

Downloads links: Sendspace

If there are any issues with the download links please feel free to let us know! Our askbox is open! <3

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Oh and by the way, “All Of Me” you might be seeing on the show. Spoiler alert! I don’t know who’s singing it.

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Whoops, here’s like 200-300 words of a reaction thing. Maybe I’ll add the after nap part later… we’ll see.

            ”Nuh uh, no Bruce today.”

            Blaine slumped down on the bed behind Kurt and knocked Bruce’s plushy arm out of his hand.

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I wonder if he knows the script is visible


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